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Oakville Family Dentist - Cosmetic Dentistry

Partial Dentures in Oakville

oakville family cosmetic dentist When you are missing some, but not all of your teeth, one way to replace them is to use a denture that only replaces those teeth. A removable partial denture is a set of replacement teeth and gums made of acrylic and metal. The design of the denture, as well as its stability and retention varies depending on which and how many teeth are missing. The partial attaches to the remaining teeth for stability by the use of clasps ("wires"), yet is still removable.

Advantages to Partial Dentures:
  • Able to replace lost teeth and gums
  • Can be fabricated relatively quickly
  • Relative low cost
  • Often teeth can be added to the denture if existing teeth are lost
  • Stabilizes bite and prevents unwanted drifting or tilting of existing teeth into the space where the teeth are missing
  • Long history of use
Disadvantages to Partial Dentures:
  • Difficulty adjusting to a removable prosthesis for some
  • Metal clasps or wires are used to retain and stabilize the denture by holding on to some of the remaining natural teeth.  This often shows when smiling or speaking.
  • Speech and chewing difficulties- they are removable so will move during use
  • Food accumulation under denture may contribute to decay and gum disease if note cleaned meticulously as plaque and food is trapped right against the natural teeth the denture attaches to by way of the clasps.
  • Removable
  • Need to be removed at bedtime
  • Loosen with use
  • Breakage

Contact the professional team at Oakdale dental on more information about partial dentures.

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