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July 2013: Oakville Dental Newsletter

Happy 146 Birthday Canada!

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend and took a moment to get outside and explore a piece of this wonderful country (even if it was just your own patio).

Did you know?
There is no accurate count of the number of lakes in Canada.
If we define a lake as being larger than 3 square km in area, there are over 30,000 lakes in Canada; if we lower the minimum threshold, the number climbs well into the millions, with over 250 000 lakes in Ontario alone. Canada has more lakes than all other countries combined, which contributes in no small measure to our country's overall beauty.

With all of the fresh water at our fingertips we ask, are you drinking enough?

While estimates of how much water you should be drinking vary from one study to the next, there is usually a common theme. Most of us are not drinking enough!
Keep a glass of water at your desk and drink it throughout the day, getting up to refill your glass will give you a reason to take a break every hour or so. Drinking water helps proper hydration, cleanses your body and rinses bacteria from your mouth as you drink!

Have a safe and healthy summer from the team at,

Dr. Steven Rosenblat and Team

Making a Great First Impression... The Digital Way!

This year has been a busy one for us at Oakdale Dental here in beautiful Oakville. We started the year upgrading to digital X-Rays. Our latest technological wonder is an iTero Digital Scanner. So what you may ask is that and what do I use it for when treating my patients? Potentially quite a bit.

When I make a crown or bridge on natural teeth or on dental implants I have to send a replica of the patient's teeth to my dental lab. They then have to make the crown or bridge I will place in my patient's mouth. The traditional way of doing that is with an "impression" (or mould) of the teeth. My lab then pours plaster into this to make a model of my patient's teeth. Then this is used to make the crown or bridge. This can be quite a mouth full and some people have a bit of difficulty waiting for the 2-3 minutes it takes for this "mould" to set in the mouth. This is still the way that 95% of the replication of teeth for dental work is done. Now there are digital scanners that basically photograph the teeth, convert the images to digital information that is then sent to the laboratory over the internet. Very 21st Century right? But that's not all.

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Nutrition and Dentistry

Nutrition plays an important role in preventative dentistry.

Foods with antioxidant qualities help your body to fight bacteria that cause tooth decay, while foods high in calcium strengthen teeth and bones. A well balanced diet is important in all aspects of your life ... including your oral health.

Please ask us if you'd like more information on nutrition and your health.

Are You Juicing?

Juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables has gained a lot of attention, and for good reasons. Juices are delicious and carry many health benefits. While any fruits and vegetables you juice yourself will be better for you than sugary/preserved/pasteurized juices you can buy at the store, we suggest you juice organic fruits and vegetables when possible (and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly).

We're not suggesting a 'juice diet', rather replacing an over-the-counter drink or a light meal or snack. Adding a fresh juice into your daily diet can have amazing positive effects on your well-being. A fresh juice in the morning can offer a quick healthy alternative to a traditional toast, eggs and bacon, a midday juice can give you a refreshing boost of energy, while having a nutrient filled juice for dinner can free your body up to repair itself overnight rather than digest a heavy meal.

Here are some of the many benefits of juicing: Click here

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