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June 2011, Tips, e-News and More!

Patios, BBQ's and Sunshine!
Summer is finally here and if the meteorologists are right, it is going to be a hot one! While the first day of summer is June 21, the beautiful weather seems to have settled in early. Summer months are ideal for getting out and enjoying Ontario with family and friends.

June is Recreation and Parks Month in Ontario.
While theme parks and exhibitions offer excitement for the day there are many community fairs, farmer's markets and local parks that can provide for a cost effective, family-friendly day. A day at a park can create endless photo opportunities and memories. If you are interested in bringing out your most beautiful smile for summer, give us a call or request an appointment. Now is a great time to discuss the smile of your dreams!

School's Out for Summer!
If your children are off for the next few months, please remind them that a break from school does not mean a break from oral hygiene. If your kids are off to camp or traveling, get them in for an appointment before they leave so we can ensure that they start their summer with a healthy smile.

Please Note: We understand the impulses and spontaneity that the summer can bring, please remember to notify us at least 48 hours in advance by phone if a summer activity creates the need to reschedule an appointment.

Have a great month and Happy Father's Day on June 19 to all of the dads out there.

Dr. Steven Rosenblat and Team

Vitamin D and Your Smile!

Smiles are contagious!
You may notice that during the summer months more people around seem to have the smiling bug. The increased hours of sunlight and warm weather have been proven to effect people's moods. Did you know that the increased hours of daylight and short lengths of exposure to the sun's rays offer multiple health benefits?

While it is great to see people smiling, there are also health benefits associated with the summer sun that directly affect your smile. In this case we are talking about Vitamin D. Simply put, Vitamin D is essential to your body as it allows you to absorb and use calcium which is needed to form and maintain strong bones and teeth. When exposed to the sun's UVB rays your skin creates Vitamin D3 which is then converted by your liver and kidneys to a form of Vitamin D that your body needs.

Studies have also shown Vitamin D to have anti-inflammatory properties. A Boston University study found that people with a higher level of Vitamin D in their blood experienced less bleeding during gingival probing and lower instances of gingivitis.

We still suggest wearing sunscreen and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun. Even short exposures to the sun's rays have shown to increase vitamin D levels. Perhaps you should head out for a short walk after lunch today and see if you catch and pass on the smiling bug to your coworkers.

Eat More Raw Now!

While supermarkets and health food stores allow you to find produce from around the world, this time of year offers the opportunity to shop at local fairs and farmer's markets. Farmer's Markets create a unique opportunity to meet the people who grow our foods as well as a fun outing with family. These markets are often the best way to get fresh raw produce from the farm directly to your table.

Raw, unprocessed foods are delicious and offer countless health benefits. Summer is a great time to start adding more raw foods into your diet. Raw foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts create a great foundation to a modern diet. Raw foods are loaded with enzymes, vitamin and nutrients that increase energy, aid in digestions and boost vitality.

We are not suggesting that you completely change your diet, just that you add more raw food into your day. While snacking, garnishing, or even one meal a day, the benefits of raw food are well worth the adjustment.

Click here to learn more about adding raw foods to your diet.

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